Welcome to my blog! I hope you LOVE it! I created this to share books that I love with you. As suggested by the title, I am truly a book whore. I read constantly and have almost no control over it. It is like a fix!!! I do it night, day, in the morning, and whenever I can! There is no limit to the book whoring that I am capable of doing!! So check out my pages and watch my blog grow!

What you will find if you are here: You will find the review and/or description of the book I am reading, the book I have just finished, my opinions on specific popular books, books I AM planning on reading, books I have read and if you haven't read your life is incomplete (let's just say, you are faking it!! And much more. So, please check in and let me know what you think.

Enjoy reading!!!
DISCLAIMER: I am not an english major or even minor. I write how I tallk and think. I am a theatre major so if you see a , please note that it is probably there for a dramatic pause. I also have three kids, a full time job, and a husband, so proof reading is usually a luxary I can't afford (because I am reading) !! Thank you for understanding.

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